Other Programs

The CEF’s core mission is to provide tuition awards to students in need so they are able to continue to learn in our Catholic schools. Sometimes we are presented with special opportunities to make our schools more attractive and affordable for the students. These opportunities include:

Big Yellow Bus Program

CEF tuition awards provide underserved children in Los Angeles with access to a Catholic school education. In addition, we are able to enhance the students’ academic experience with programs sponsored by several donors. The Yellow Bus Program, funded by the Steinmetz Foundation, provides busses for field trips to local attractions, Catholic high schools, and local colleges. These trips inspire the students to expand their horizons and focus on their future.

Art Classes

The Porteous Family Foundation sponsors the Art Trek program at several elementary schools. Art Trek is a non-profit organization that provides trained staff in the classroom to deliver sequential, hands-on art lessons. Lessons are designed not only to impart rendering, painting, and sculpting skills, but also to build student confidence and community ties. Most importantly, Art Trek’s mission is to create a positive and confidence-building experience for the students while they problem-solve and take some artistic risk to produce their work.

Principal Development Program

Loyola Marymount University, a 2012 U.S. News & World Report top graduate school of education, is proud to offer the Catholic School Leadership Academy in partnership with the Catholic Education Foundation. Designed to develop and support leaders, to maintain excellence in Catholic education, and to ensure the continued development of Catholic school communities, the Catholic School Leadership Academy allows fulltime teachers in the Los Angeles Archdiocese to earn an MA in Catholic School Administration, a Certificate in Catholic School Leadership, or a California Administrative Services Tier I credential.

As part of our commitment to preparing visionary, transformative Catholic school leaders, all Catholic School Leadership Academy candidates who have been pre-approved by the Department of Catholic Schools in the Los Angeles Archdiocese receive 90% tuition assistance. All interested applicants are reviewed by the Department of Catholic Schools as an initial step in the application process.

Learn more now! Visit us at http://soe.lmu.edu/admissions/programs/admin/catholicadmin.edu to read more about the program, or click http://soe.lmu.edu/admissions/programs/info.htm to request a Program FAQ and an application packet.