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"Dear CEF, I am the mother of a young boy attending Guardian angel school in Pacoima CA. I would like to say thank you very much for your help, without that financial support he wouldn't be able to attend that school. It's my pleasure to announce that he knows how to read.

To me this is a big accomplishment since when he was 2 yrs old I was told he might have trouble at school. This accomplishment is because of your financial support. Thanks soooo much. If you need to contact me feel free to do so. Sincerely, A proud and grateful parent."


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"My mother's highest income in any year was $4,400, and with that she sent me and my siblings to private Catholic schools.

She saw education as a way up and out of the projects.
She felt it was the only way to get us good educations and keep us safe."

"My Catholic education is the driving force behind why I follow my dreams, why I love to learn, why I help others, and why I will no longer give up on myself. I am extremely thankful for your willingness to contribute to my education and will continue working my hardest to make all of you at the Catholic Education foundation proud."

"My family will forever be grateful for the assistance you have provided me. I have learned and added to my skill set of being a leader and serving the community. I plan to take these skills to Georgetown and continue to represent myself, my high school, and everyone who has supported me in a successful manner."

"Thanks to your kindness I am able to go to a good school."

"One day I hope to follow your example and give back to the community. I would like to give a kid a chance to have an amazing education as you have done for me."