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I ask you to join me as a member of the Legacy Society by commiting to CEF students in your estate planning. It costs nothing to do this, but the return on your investment will rest in the heards and minds of CEF students for generations to come.

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Ensuring Tomorrow’s Future Today - The Need for Planned Giving

The goal of Catholic Education Foundation is to provide a Catholic school education to all the disadvantaged children in the Archdiocese who are eligible to receive a tuition award. With a current budget for funding of 8,500 students, .actual enrollment data in our schools reveals that over 27,000 children of the 80,000 currently enrolled in Catholic schools qualify for a tuition award based on household income.

Achieving this goal will require exponential growth in the annual tuition awards budget. Planned Gifts to the endowment of the CEF are the most important and effective way to meet this growth goal. At the same time, through certain deferred gift opportunities, planned gift donors can also recognize significant tax benefits at the time of their gift.

The CEF is a charitable trust with its’ own an endowment in excess of $110 million and governed by a 37 member Board of Trustees.

While far less than 50% of the US population having wills, those who do are protecting their heirs and expressing what is important in their life by providing for charities.

To learn more about becoming a Legacy Society Member through charitable gift planning, please contact:

Denise Martin, Executive Director

(213) 637–7576