“The Seaver Institute wanted to find an organization that would be a good steward of Frank’s generosity and in speaking with Cardinal Mahony I suggested his interest in scholarships. The Cardinal said, without hesitation, “CEF.” Working together, we made [the $11.25 million endowment gift] happen.”

Victoria Seaver Dean,

President of the Seaver Institute

Planned Giving

The Need for Planned Giving

Since 1861, Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles have been an “Advantage for Life,” especially for poor and marginalized children, helping to break the cycle of poverty into which these children have been born.

The goal of the Catholic Education Foundation is to provide a Catholic school education to all disadvantaged children in the Archdiocese who are eligible to receive a tuition award.

Achieving this goal will require exponential growth in the annual tuition awards budget. Long-term strategy for achieving this includes having an endowment large enough to provide these annual funds from earned interest.

The CEF is a charitable trust governed by a 37 member Board of Trustees with an endowment of over $110 million.

Planned Gifts to the endowment of the CEF are the most important and effective way to meet this growth goal. At the same time, through certain deferred gift opportunities, planned gift donors can also recognize significant tax benefits at the time of their gift..

To learn more about charitable gift planning and the importance of creating an estate plan, please contact:

Denise Martin, Executive Director

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