The Oak Sapling

Almost 15 years ago, CEF adopted the Oak Sapling as it's iconic logo. With many suggestions under consideration, the Board believed the sapling signified best what CEF students are all about.

What does the oak sapling symbolize?

CEF Logo

1. Deeply Rooted- - like an oak sapling, CEF students are forging deep connections in Los Angeles communities, identifying with the Catholic community, learning about what commitment means and developing a solid sense of accomplishments that will carry them throughout their lives.

2. Strong- an oak tree is one of the most solid and long-lasting of all trees, able to weather many storms and ecological conditions. CEF students learn life lessons through a Catholic school filter, bringing them to adulthood with the skills to face personal challenges and storms that come their way

3. Productive- an oak sapling grows quickly and rapidly produces new growth. Like the sapling, CEF students are learning the value of developing themselves into contributing citizens and highly functioning members of our social and economic world.

4. Hopeful- a sapling signifies the beginning of what will be something very significant. CEF students learn every day of their value. Failure is not an option. Expectations are                                                                                                                                   high, bringing great optimism and hope for the future.